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Fire and Carbon Monoxide Infographic

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Understanding Your Furnace and How to Use it Safely

November 15, 2017

After a warm autumn, the temperatures are officially starting to drop and, for many, that means firing up the furnace for the first time months.  While the furnace’s main job in your home or business may be obvious, understanding the intricacies of how it works can help you warm...

TOPICS: Home Safety, Fire Safety, Carbon Monoxide

Ask the Expert: Fire and Carbon Monoxide Protection

June 23, 2016

A fire alarm system can detect the beginnings of a fire while it’s still smoldering in the critical moments before the flames erupt. This gives your family time to evacuate the premises quickly and safely, while our Emergency Response Center dispatches the fire department on...

TOPICS: Home Safety, Fire Safety, Ask the Expert, Carbon Monoxide

Stopping the Silent Killer

June 1, 2016


TOPICS: Home Safety, Carbon Monoxide

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