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Security Cameras

Watch live or recorded video clips on your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Monitor recorded events triggered by motion in your home, like the kids coming home from school or a package being dropped off.

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Our Areas of Expertise:

Our Emergency Response Center is U.L. certified and our highly experienced team of professionals can tailor a plan to suit your needs, from the most basic security system to the most sophisticated.

Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

We customize the type of cameras and their location in and around your home to suit your specific needs. We have video solutions for every application whether it's inside or outside.

Advanced Analytics

Our state-of-the-art cameras can not only detect motion, triggering a recording to be sent to your phone, but can also determine the cause of that motion, whether it's a person, car or just the wind, and filter out false alarms.

Save and Reference Clips

You can download and store unlimited video clips to capture evidence in the event of a crime taking place. Advanced camera systems can also include a DVR, to recall days worth of recorded video.

Find the Perfect Security Package for Your Home

While we customize systems for every home we visit, we created a group of home security packages to help get your started. These packages can be fully customized and tailored to your home and can include of the listed features above. Find the package that's right for your family and home today!

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