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Personal Emergency Response Units

Our medical alert system puts you or your loved ones in touch with our monitoring professionals with the single push of a button. Our operators will notify key contacts and, in necessary situations, dispatch emergency services. When our customers require a comforting voice or a medical professional, we’re always there.

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Features of PERS In-Home Units

The lightweight pendants and in-home two-way units boast a wide range of features that are designed to give ultimate peace of mind while at home.


Cellular Communication

The systems communicate to our monitoring center via rapid LTE technology, providing the quickest and most reliable connection.

Shower Proof Design

The wearable pendant is designed to be worn in the shower, where most falls occur.

Two-Way Voice Communication

The base units built-in two-way voice technology allows you to immediately communicate directly with our operators once the pendant or unit buttons are pressed.

Lightweight, Easy-to-wear Unit

The wearable pendant is light and non-invasive. You can do all of your usual activities unencumbered while still knowing you're being protected.

80-Hour Backup Battery

Our units have a built-in backup battery that can survive for days should power to the unit be lost.

Fall Detection Available

All Doyle Medical Monitoring units have the ability to add fall detection. The advanced feature combines accelerometer and gyroscope data to detect falls and provide reliable alerts.


  • Christine L. From Erie

    Your technician was very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Doyle because of the service I have been provided over the years.

  • Katherine C. From Syracuse

    Your representative could not have been more professional, polite and knowledgeable. I was very comfortable and impressed.

  • Donna E. from Rochester

    The technician was awesome! Cannot say enough good things about him; he was very patient and professional and walked us through everything.

  • Tia J. From Albany

    Your technician went out of his way to make sure every one of my cameras worked properly. On one of the coldest days of the year, he went to extreme measures to ensure that me and my family were safe. He is a great asset to your company, very understanding and professional.

  • Gerald V. From Buffalo

    If only all other companies’ installers were as professional, courteous, punctual, and personable as this fella. Great job; neat and easy to talk to. It was obvious from the start he knew his job.

  • Joseph A. From Rochester

    We are very happy with our system and would very likely recommend Doyle to anyone. That’s a 10!

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