Will My Security System Work with VoIP (Internet Based Phone Lines)?

Posted by: Olivia Staff

Published: February 9, 2018

What is VoIP? Voice over Internet Protocol is a phone system that uses internet connection rather than broadband phone services. That means in a typical phone call, your voice is converted into data and transferred to the person you are talking with. In some instances, it is less expensive than regular phone company packages but the downside is that VoIP phones do not always work with security systems.

How do VoIP phones work with my security system? The signals from VoIP phones do not always register as alarm signals, meaning the monitoring center may not see that an alarm has been set off because the VoIP phone has not communicated the signal correctly. This can be dangerous for homeowners looking to secure their houses with security systems because it renders them slightly ineffective compared to wired phone systems.

There are a very select number of VoIP phones that work with a Doyle security system and we prefer that customers use traditional phone lines to ensure the system is signaling properly. If you do not know whether you’re using VoIP or traditional phone lines, contact your phone service provider to find out.

If you’ve already switched to internet based phones, hope is not lost. Most systems can be configured to communicate by cellular, WiFi or Ethernet and it is not a substantial investment. If you are a current Doyle customer and would like to know if your system is communicating properly, call us at 1-866-GODOYLE.  To learn more about VoIP phones, visit the FCC’s website by clicking here.

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