What to Consider When Picking an Apartment

Posted by: Melissa Villanti

Published: May 27, 2016

Whether it’s your first apartment, your third, or you’ve lived in one your whole life, there are many things to consider before deciding which apartment is best for you and your family. When deciding on an apartment, the most likely considerations are location, price, available appliances, etc. but have you considered the general security outside and inside of the apartment complex? Here are some questions to think about in addition to everything else:

  1. How secure is the parking area?

    You’ll want to make sure that you feel safe enough walking from the parking area to your home. Try to find locations with ample lighting and overall visibility. Ask the landlord if security cameras are installed anywhere on the property to understand the absolute safest locations for parking. If you have a long walk to the apartment complex, you will want to consider the surrounding area that you walk through. .Evaluate the parking area for any potential dangerous areas to avoid, such as unlit alleys.
  1. How far into the building can you get without a key? 

    If your building or complex has lobbies or hallways that can be accessed without a key or passcode, make sure there are working security cameras in those areas. Also, a bonus is if there is a security guard on duty!
  1. Is the building protected for fire emergencies?

    In shared spaces like apartment complexes, you sacrifice control over certain aspects of your properties safety. Negligence on the part of a neighbor could lead to a fire emergency that affects you and your possessions. Assure that the buildings are up to code with the appropriate smoke detectors, strobes and sprinkles. Whether a fire breaks out when you’re home or away, with a fire alarm, hopefully it would be able to be stopped in time to either help save your life or protect your valuables.
  1. Who can see into your apartment?

    Look out the windows to determine who can see into your apartment and monitor the property from the outside. This could be anyone from residents to outsiders. Keep extreme valuables out of clear site of any windows or shared spaces to avoid any temptation on the part of would-be burglars.


Finally, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when moving into a new apartment.  

  1. Get new door locks upon moving in.
  2. Install a home security system.
  3. Don’t announce that you live alone on social media.
  4. Use the peephole when someone knocks on your door.


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