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What is Z-Wave?

Posted by: Alexandra Justis

Published: February 18, 2016

What is Z-Wave?

To put it simply, Z-Wave allows devices and sensor-enabled objects to talk and respond to each other.

Why do we use Z-Wave?

Although it may sound intimidating, Z-Wave is quickly becoming a household staple. Z-Wave is used in many different kinds of home automation to make your life easier. Here at Doyle Security, we use Z-Wave for alarm systems, locks, lights, thermostats, and much more. What do you need to know about Z-Wave? Let us break it down for you!

How does Z-Wave work?

Z-Wave is a radio frequency (RF) control protocol designed to achieve reliable communication and operation between different products from different manufacturers. With most RF networks, adding multiple devices can cause them to slow down, and even crash, but with Z-Wave, the exact opposite is the case. Z-Wave-enabled devices build a stronger network with the more devices you add.  They communicate with the hub (your security system) AND each other.  This creates what we call a “mesh network”.

How can Z-Wave enhance your every-day life?

With Z-Wave, you can control lights, electrical outlets, fans, shades, drapes, irrigation, thermostats, security systems, door locks, and much more. Z-Wave allows you to communicate between products from different manufacturers; if a product has the Z-Wave logo on it, then it’s compatible with any Z-Wave system. Thanks to Z-Wave technology, you have the option to control your home from a wireless key fob while lounging on the couch, from a wall-mounted keypad, or from an internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or computer from anywhere in the world. Plus, Z-Wave only requires batteries for power, with battery life lasting three to five years.

Thanks to Z-Wave, we are able to simplify our customer’s life while keeping them safe and secure at the same time, which is a win-win in our book! Contact us at 1-866-GO-DOYLE if you’d like to learn more about Z-Wave technology and how it can help you manage your home with ease. 


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