The Smoke Detector Guide

Posted by: Joe Schwartz

Published: April 8, 2015

A fire breaking out in a home is a scary event that can cause damage to the homeowner’s property and possessions. However, fires can turn from damaging to deadly if the home is not equipped with the proper, functioning smoke detectors. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) more than two-thirds of home fire deaths were from fires in homes that either did not have smoke detectors, or had faulty ones. Here are a rules of thumb that can have a huge impact in the event of a fire.

  • Install a smoke detector in every bedroom, outside of each sleeping area and on every floor of your home. Maximizing your detection coverage helps to assure that you will be quickly alerted should a fire break out, while providing as much time as possible to safely evacuate the home.
  • Test your smoke alarms at least once every month. To test, simply press and hold the “Test” button on the detector.  A loud siren should sound as a result. To maximize the effectiveness of your test, position friends or family members around your house and have them confirm they can hear the siren. If the siren is too quiet, it is probably time to change your detector’s batteries. To test your detector even further, try lighting and extinguishing a match directly under the detector, creating a small, controlled amount of smoke, sounding the siren. Once again, if the siren is weak or doesn’t sound at all, it’s time to change batteries. Always make sure to notify everyone in the house before testing your detector.
  • Replace your smoke detectors every 10 years. To assure that you have the highest functioning, most effective smoke detectors available, it is important to change out the hardware in your home every decade.
  • If the siren on your smoke detector does sound, exit your home and stay outside until a fire professional has instructed otherwise.Even if there are no apparent flames, lingering smoke can be harmful or even deadly. Make sure professionals have inspected the building thoroughly and confirmed it is safe before re-entering your home.

At Doyle Security Systems, we take the safety of our customers very seriously. Each smoke detector we sell is professionally installed and tested, assuring it will be placed in the optimal location for maximum effectiveness. Also, Doyle smoke detectors are monitored by our award-winning Emergency Response Center. If a detector is triggered, a representative from our team will contact the fire station for dispatch on your behalf, so your only worry will be a safe exit from the building. Bring yourself and your family peace of mind today by calling 1-866-GO-DOYLE to speak with a security and fire consultant.

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