The Best Places to Hide Your Valuables

Posted by: Chloe Doyle

Published: August 9, 2016

Whether hiding your money stash from burglars or secret documents from nosy house guests, concealing your valuables is an art form. Trust us - places like under your mattress, behind the toilet tank, or in your sock drawer don’t cut it anymore. Here are a few tips to keeping your belongings safe and under wraps from even the smartest burglar.


Documents or cash are the perfect items to hide in the freezer. Simply place documents in a Tupperware container and cover with tin foil. Burglars might tear apart your home, but they most likely will not go through every little food item in your fridge or freezer.

Your Child’s Room

Burglars rarely enter children’s rooms because it is full of things a burglar is not interested in like toys and clothing. For extra measure, consider hiding your valuables inside a toy and chances are it’ll never get discovered by the bad guy.

Inside a Book

There’s a good chance an intruder won’t be flipping through the pages of each individual book you own. This works extremely well if you have a large collection of books.

In Your Pantry

Much like your freezer, the pantry is probably one of the last places a home invader would search through looking for something valuable. You can take advantage of that by placing small valuables such as cash or jewelry inside a re-used food or coffee can.

A Vitamin Pill Bottle

Burglars are generally not interested in your medicine cabinet, let alone your Vitamin C bottle. This would be a great place to conceal some emergency cash. Be careful what items you place in there, however, and inform your family that there are items in the bottles to avoid accidental swallowing.

In A Picture Frame

Some people will look behind the picture frame, but fewer will actually open it up. Placing some cash in between the cardboard of a picture frame and the picture is one way to fool home invaders.

The Right Safe

It may seem obvious, but this tool is tried and true. If you have some valuables you want to keep hidden long term, you should definitely consider investing in a quality safe. At Doyle, we can find you a safe that is best suited for you and your family. A home invader will have no chance.

With all of these places, make sure you take note of where you've left your items or create a coding system so you will remember your valuables location. You want to fool the burglars, not yourself!

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