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Important Update for Skybell Video Doorbell Customers

Posted by: Joe Schwartz

Published: June 28, 2024

Starting June 30, 2024, the Skybell Video Doorbell HD app is being phased out and will no longer receive updates, being replaced by the Skybell Gen5 app. With this migration, all third-party apps will no longer have access to information from Skybell Video Doorbells and will not be able to send push notifications of doorbell activity. This includes the Total Connect 2.0 app. 

Please note that these changes don't affect Resideo First Alert video doorbell or video doorbell users.

There are a few options for Skybell users to ensure you still remain notified when you have doorbell activity:

1) Download the Skybell Gen 5 app. Log-in with your existing Skybell credentials and follow the set-up instructions to migrate your doorbell to the new app. Enable notifications from the Gen 5 app to receive doorbell notifications moving forward. 

2) Consider switching to Resideo’s First Alert video doorbell, a top-tier alternative that features analytics-based detection to minimize false alerts and is fully supported through the Total Connect 2.0 app. This wholly integrated video solution offers high-res color night vision and the ability to differentiate between people, animals, vehicles, packages, and sounds thanks to analytics-based detection.

Additional perks include live footage, an integrated siren, and an LED spotlight to deter package thieves, as well as compatibility with smart home setups via Google or Alexa through the Total Connect 2.0 app.


We understand that these updates can be inconvenient and confusing but we are here to answer any questions you may have about the new Skybell app, the Resideo First Alert video doorbell or any other security needs you may have. 


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