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How to Install Home Security Cameras

Posted by: Olivia Staff

Published: March 2, 2018

There are many different options for installing security cameras in your home, including doing it yourself. So how do you go about the process of creating your own surveillance system? We’re here to tell you!

 1. Figure out where your greatest security needs are in your home. Putting multiple security cameras in your home where you don’t need them won’t help you keep your home more secure, it will mostly just raise your electric bill. Pick out the most important and strategic places in your home to secure before you purchase your security cameras.

2. Decide which and how many cameras are best for your needs. Someone with a smaller home won’t need as many cameras as someone with a larger home. Buying a bunch of security cameras isn’t necessary in most situations. 

3. Make sure you have all the proper equipment. This might be the hardest part of installing your own security cameras besides the installation itself. Do you want cloud based storage or a digital video recorder on site? Understanding how you are going to access and store your footage is a crucial step in the process.

4. If using a DVR, set up your monitoring system. You’ll need to have a computer monitor that you can connect your digital recording device to in order to view your footage. Make sure to test your camera feed on the monitor to make sure everything is properly connected prior to installing the cameras in their final position.

5. Install your cameras! Once you have all your equipment purchased and set up, you can begin wiring your cameras. Make sure your camera will mount correctly in your chosen spot before you screw it into the wall. Screwing your camera in is the safest choice, and make sure the camera is at a high, broad angle. Attach the proper cords to power the camera, and begin wiring the cords through the walls or stapling them to the wall to keep them in place.

If all of this sounds like too much work or is too complicated, Doyle Security would be glad to help. Professional installation of security systems and cameras is our area of expertise and we'd love to help secure your home. Security cameras are a great addition to a home security system for maximum safety and surveillance. Visit here to learn more about Doyle's camera options or call us today to set up your free consultation at 1-866-GO-DOYLE.

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