How to Become An Ideal Neighbor

Posted by: Joe Schwartz

Published: July 1, 2015

Whether you live in a city, a suburb or out in the country, the neighbors around you shape a sizable part of your home life. Having friendly, respectful neighbors can make a street feel like a welcome community. On the other hand, having rude, inconsiderate neighbors can have you calling your real estate agent much sooner than you anticipated.

There are, however, two sides to the coin. Just as your neighbors can make or break your community experience, the same expectations fall on you as a neighbor. Here are a few tips on how to establish you and your family as ideal neighbors.

Pet Etiquette

Even if your pet spends a lot of time outside and has come to be loved by all of your neighbors, they are still your pet. It will always be your responsibility to pick up their droppings and make sure they aren’t destroying property or getting into trouble. Also be mindful of other pets in the neighborhood and whether or not your pet gets along with them.

Be Aware of Shared Walls

Speaking of pets, they can be as loud as they are adorable. Be mindful of how much noise your pet is making – even when you’re not home – especially if you have shared walls. Those who live in apartments, condominiums and townhouses also need to be considerate with other noisy activities. Get to know your neighbors' work and sleep schedules and be considerate when listening to loud music or watching an explosive movie.

Maintain Your Landscape

Part of living in community is maintaining a consistent appearance from home to home. Obviously, there is plenty of room to express individuality and creativity within one’s landscape, but making sure your yard is clean and maintained is important. Also, be aware of any shrubs or trees you may have on your property that are spilling over onto your neighbor’s property. In those scenarios, have a discussion with that neighbor about whether or not they’d like you to trim the plants.

Keep a Watchful Eye

Whether or not you’re in a Neighborhood Watch, always be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for suspicious behavior. If you see an unfamiliar face lurking around a neighbor’s yard, tampering with house entrances or vandalizing property, be quick to alert your neighbor or,  in extreme cases, the police. However, keep in mind there is a fine line between being diligent and being invasive. Make sure to respect your neighbor’s privacy.


With summer officially upon is, there is no better time to enjoy the beautiful weather and appreciate the company of your neighbors. Follow the above steps to make sure you’ll be invited to every weekend barbeque!

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