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Burglar Steals AR-15 from Buffalo Home, Here’s How we Would’ve Prevented It.

Posted by: Jack Doyle

Published: May 2, 2018

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the phrase “I don’t need a security system, I have a gun!”  While most of the time the comment is tongue-in-cheek, it typically comes from someone who’s at least half serious about this position.  It’s a sentiment that’s understandable on the surface:  “I fully intend on protecting my home and my family on my own, by any means necessary, and I don’t need your security system to do that.”  My response to this is always the same:  “OK, but who’s watching your home when you’re not there?  And did you know that guns are among the most popular targets for thieves?”  This usually falls on deaf ears, and while I understand that mentality, articles like the one below are examples of exactly what I’m talking about.  

AR-15, shotguns stolen in West Side burglary

Three guns, including an AR-15, were reported stolen Monday in a burglary on Buffalo's West Side. A resident of Putnam Street told police his house was burglarized between about 7:40 a.m. and about 4 p.m., according to a city police report. The burglars entered the home by breaking a window and ransacked the house, according to the report.

This poor homeowner was burglarized during normal work hours, in broad daylight (which, by the way, is surprisingly the most likely time to be the victim of a burglary).  Presumably, no one was home at the time.  What would have happened if this family had a security system installed by a reputable company?  For starters, a loud audible alarm would’ve sounded upon entry into the home.  Then a trained response center agent would contact the homeowner and the police.  

Now you may be thinking “Sure, but the thief is going to get in and get out with as much as they can grab right away.”  That’s possible, but let’s take a look at a typical intruder’s mindset:  “There’s an alarm going off, are the neighbors going to hear this and come around?  Is this system really connected, how much time do I have to get out of here without getting caught?  Are there cameras in here and I don’t realize it?”

It’s important to consider the goal of a home security system.  It’s not usually to catch and apprehend a burglar - that can happen and it’s great when it does - but the real purpose is to deter.  From seeing the yard sign to hearing the siren or hearing our operator’s voice coming through the panel, it’s all designed to stop an intruder in their tracks and make them reconsider what they’re doing.  We do this to protect your family , your home and your assets.

We’re always available to talk through the specifics of a security system with no pressure to you.  If you’re a gun owner, we hope you’ll consider this!

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Jack Doyle

Jack is Doyle Security's Director of Business Development and represents the fifth generation of Doyle Family Ownership with the company.