Ask the Experts: Thermostats, Lights, and Home Automation

Posted by: Melissa Villanti

Published: June 1, 2016


Forget to turn off your lights before you went to work? Didn’t turn your thermostat down before going on vacation? That’s no longer a concern thanks to home automation features available from Doyle Security. You can use your smart device to control your lights, thermostats and much more. I spoke with Doyle Security Consultant Drew Carapella to learn more:


Q: What are the advantages of having an automated thermostat?

A: A smartphone controlled thermostat combines the convenience of creating a temperature schedule in your home with the ability to adjust one’s thermostat on-the-go. Families have programmed their crazy schedules into thermostats for years, but now they have the ability to make unscheduled changes from their smartphone whenever they’d like. This adds to the home’s comfort and saves on energy costs.


Q: Does this help save money on energy bills?

A: Leaving a thermostat at a comfortable temperature for a vacant house is wasting money. People often forget to adjust it when they leave, or stay away longer than intended. Other people don’t ever turn it down because they don’t want to come home to a house that is at an uncomfortable temperature. The ability to adjust on-the-go increases energy awareness because it takes away the inconvenience that normally comes with those adjustments.


Q: How easy are the home automation features to use?

A: The system is as easy to use as the calculator app on smartphones. Simply log into the app, choose “thermostat” and adjust with the simple push of the up/down arrows or program a schedule based on times.


Q: Is home automation more costly to use?

A: Typically, no. For example, Doyle often installs Z-Wave thermostats for less than a customer could buy one off the shelf at a home improvement store. Plus, ours areprofessional installed, saving you the hassel of having to install one yourself or hire someone to do it at an added cost.


Q: Does Z-Wave interfere with other wireless electronics?

A: No, Z-wave is its own frequency and is totally different from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Baby Monitors, and other common frequencies.


Home automation gives you unparalleled control over all aspects of your home, while saving you money on your electric and heating bills. To take your home to the next level today by filling out a consultation form on our website, calling 1-866-GO-DOYLE or visiting here.

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