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Ask the Experts: Smart Locks and Home Automation

Posted by: Melissa Villanti

Published: July 26, 2016

A great home automation feature is the ability to control door locks from any location. You can allow access to your dog sitter when you’re on vacation without having to leave a key behind, or unlock the door for your kids should they forget their keys. This, coupled with the ability to remotely arm and disarm your security system, allows you complete control over your home’s accessibility no matter where you are. To learn more about this technology, we spoke with Security Expert Susan Clark.


Q: I’m not great with technology, how easy are these home automation features to use?

 A: The Total Connect 2.0 App is pretty straight forward. You just log-in, click on the “automation” button and there are light bulb icons for lighting control, lock icons for door locks and a thermometer icon for thermostat control.


Q: Are home automation features difficult to install and maintain?

A: Doyle installs the automation control device, either a Lynx control panel/keypad, a Tuexdo Wi-Fi touchpad, or a VAM (vista automation module), Z –Wave thermostats, door locks, and light switches just replace existing devices.

(We do suggest you have an electrician install light switches and an HVAC provider install thermostats.)


Q: What is a benefit of having smart locks for your home entrances?

A: You and your children don’t have to carry house keys around. You can let people in to your home without having to be there by unlocking the door and disarming the security system. Then re-arm and lock when they leave.


Q: Do you have any recommendations for people looking into getting smart locks for their home?

A: Start with one on the door you use most frequently to see how you like it. Make sure to use an established lock brand like Kwikset or Schlage.


To learn more about door locks and home automation, visit here.


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