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Ask the Experts: Managed Access Control

Posted by: Melissa Villanti

Published: July 14, 2016

Many are familiar with the concept of access control, but the details of how these intricate systems work can be a little more challenging. To get a better idea of how these systems work and how they can help businesses small and large, we talked with Doyle Security Consultant Doug Lumb:


Q: What is card access all about?

A: Card access is the best way for an employer to limit access to a building or suite along with track when the access point is entered.  It allows for a building owner to eliminate the need to pass out keys or have locks changed when a tenant leaves or when an employee is terminated.


Q: How does the system work?

A: The system works by installing electronic locks on the access point, which allows for employees to enter the access point using either a code or keyfob to unlock the door.  It also allows for schedules to be setup so that doors can be unlocked to allow for customers to enter the building freely during specified times.


Q: What are some other uses for this type of system?

A: Card access system allows for reports to be run so that you can see when an access point was entered so that you can track who is in the building and what areas of the building they accessed.  It also allows for you to grant access to certain areas to a specified group of employees so that not all employees have access to the entire building.  This becomes helpful when you have temporary employees or contractors working in the building.


Q: What happens if a card gets lost or stolen?

A:  Cards can be removed from the system through the software that comes with the system.  If a card is lost you can simply disable the card and it will no longer work on the system.


Q: What if the power goes out? Will all card users be locked out of the building?

A:  All of our systems come with a backup battery, but we do recommend that you keep a key to the door so that if the power is out for a long period you can override the system with the use of a key.


To learn more about Managed Access control, Visit here.

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