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Verify or Cancel An Alarm From the Total Connect 2.0 App

Posted by: Joe Schwartz

Published: June 20, 2024

An exciting new feature has been added for all users of the Total Connect mobile app! Any Doyle Total Connect user now has the ability to verify or cancel an alarm via the new Alarm-Cancel-Verify push notification feature. Here's how it works:

- When an alarm event is triggered by your security system, you'll receive a push notification on your smart device, allowing you to instantly click to cancel false alarms or slide to verify a real alarm and dispatch the authorities.

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 8.35.10 AM

- If an alarm event is cancelled, our monitoring center will not contact you, your contact list or dispatch authorities.

- If an alarm event is verified, our monitoring center will dispatch the authorities to your property and follow all alarm protocols established for that premise. (Note: alarms verified via push notifications will still be dispatched even if the panel is subsequently disarmed).

- Fire, Medical and Panic alarms cannot be cancelled via the app, the cancel procedures for these types of alarms remain the same, you must speak with the Emergency Response Center (800-333-1830).

- All customers with an active Total Connect account will automatically have this feature enabled. To confirm you're enrolled, you'll see this message the next time you open the Total Connect app.

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 8.51.18 AM 

- Push notifications for alarm events must be enabled within the Total Connect app settings. 

- Alarm signals will still be sent to our monitoring central if no action is taken on the app and the alarm delay timeout occurs at the panel. At this point, our monitoring center will follow the alarm protocols established for that premise. 

We hope you find this new feature useful in helping to limit false alarms, reduce incoming calls from our monitoring center and expediting the dispatch process. To learn more about the Alarm-Cancel-Verify feature, click here.

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Joe Schwartz

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