4 Unique Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by: Joe Schwartz

Published: June 16, 2017

Did you wait until the last minute to get your dad the perfect Father’s Day gift? Look no further, we’ve got you covered! No matter how hard your dad might be to shop for, there is a home automation gift that will fit his personality type.

The Techie Dad: Is your father the kind of person who waits in line to get his hands on the newest tech gadget on the market? Then he will love the SkyBell video doorbell. As one of the latest offerings in the home security industry, SkyBell allows you to look-in live at a doorbell video feed via your mobile phone. You can also receive a video clip when motion is detected or when the bell is rung. SkyBell also allows you to communicate with your visitors via two-way voice communication. Learn more here.

The Car Dad: For all of the dads out there who love their cars and want to make sure they are safe and secure, our automated garage door openers are a great gift. Your dad can check whether the garage door is open or closed right from his smart phone, and open or close it accordingly. No more panic about whether his new ride is exposed to vandals when he climbs into bed for the night. Learn more here.

The “Don’t Touch the Thermostat” Dad: If your dad is anything like mine, he always wants to be king of the castle. That means he gets to gets to pick what’s on TV, he gets the big comfy chair and, most importantly, he has control over the thermostat. Now he can use his smart phone to adjust the temperature, create schedules to have the thermostat automatically change the temperature at certain times, and – of course- assure that no one is touching his thermostat.  Learn more here.

The Active Senior Dad: Just as we want to show appreciation for protection and safety our fathers provided for us growing up, we want to return the favor when they reach their golden years. If your father is elderly, but still active and on the move, Doyle On The Go is a gift that will fit his lifestyle perfectly. The GPS-enabled Personal Emergency Response System can pinpoint his location should he slip or fall. With the press of a button, he will be connected with our monitoring center, who will be able to communicate with him and dispatch emergency responders to his coordinates. Learn more here.

Happy Father’s Day Everyone!

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