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ADG Security Customers - Welcome to the Doyle Security Family!

On Dec 7, 2018 ADG Security merged the monitoring and service of your alarm system with us.  We are excited and honored to be of service to you and to carry on the tradition of great service you have received from ADG Security.  Below are some answers to questions you may have about this.  If you need to speak with us at any time please call us at 585-392-4888.

Is anything going to change with my alarm monitoring service?

Nothing will change with your monitoring service.  Doyle Security operates its own U.L. 5 Diamond Certified Emergency Response Center based out of Henrietta, NY.  Prior to the merger your alarm monitoring was handled by a 3rd party service however we have worked with them and with ADG to ensure that your call procedures remain 100% intact.  If you would like to change your emergency contacts or verbal passcodes you can reach our response center directly at 800-333-1830.

Where is Doyle's Office?

Our office is located in the town of Henrietta (more information here) and we are fully equipped to install and service alarm accounts as well as access control, video surveillance and fire systems.  If you need anything please don't hesitate to contact us.

Can I test my Alarm System to make sure it's still working?

Yes, and we always strongly suggest that you test it periodically.  It's very easy to do and it's very important to insure everything is working properly.  Here's a link to one of our "how-to" videos to assist you.  If you would like to test your system with us you can reach our emergency response center at any time at 800-333-1830.  

Can I still reach the ADG Staff?

Yes!  Alan and the rest of his team are working with us full time and if you need to reach them you can dial the same number you used to.  Though you now have access to the full resources of our combined staff we will still make an effort to send former ADG technicians to service the equipment installed at your home or business.

Is my rate going to go up?

We are happy to say that we will be honoring all existing monitoring and service rates for a period of at least 1 year.  

Downloads for new customers:


Welcome Letter from Doyle

ADG seller letter


If you have any additional questions, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you.


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18 Computer Drive East, Suite 102
Albany, NY 12205

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