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Frequently Asked Questions

We've complied a list of common questions and answers that should help you out!

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My alarm went off, why didn’t I get a call?
In an effort to improve our response time and avoid unnecessary police dispatches we have made a change to our call procedures.  In the event of a burglary alarm we will cancel our call verification and dispatch procedures if you input the proper code to cancel your alarm within 30 seconds of the initial signal.  You may switch back to the original procedures at any time by contacting us at 866-GoDoyle.
We haven’t heard from you in a while, is everything still working?
Alarm systems regularly test themselves by sending us a test signal.  If you haven’t heard from us don’t worry, your system is still functioning.  We will notify you of any communication failure. 
What does 'Late to Test' Mean & What Should I Do if I Receive that Notification?

Our monitored systems are programmed to send an automatic check-in or test signal to our emergency response center at regular intervals. If we do not receive this signal, we will contact you (either by phone call or email/text depending on your established communication preferences) to notify of a potential problem and to attempt to assist in determining why the test was not received. If you receive a late to test signal, your alarm system is unable to communicate with our response center. In this instance, please call our Customer Care Team ASAP at (585)244-3400

Some common causes of a  late to test notification are:

- Communication interruption or failure. If your system communicates to our response center via phone line and there was a disruption or change with you phone service, this would cause an issue. A similar error would happen if your system communicates via cellular radio and there is an issue with cellular service or your panel has a cellular connection that is no-longer supported by the cell companies (i.e. 3G).

- Power Failure. Most of our panels and keypads have a backup battery to power your system should you lose power at your home or business, however, those batteries will eventually die, causing a communication failure if power is not restored in a timely manner. We will alert you when you have a low battery issue so it can be resolved prior to a communication failure. However, there are times when the battery dies prior to a power restoration. In this instance, your system would be late to test and you would receive a notification.

Can I control my system from my phone?

Yes!  We offer full mobile integration for most systems.  If you’re interested in controlling your system from your phone please contact one of our representatives.  A full demo is also available on the iOS app store and Google Play.

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I would like to get rid of my phone line, is it possible for my alarm system to function without it?
Absolutely! By switching to the internet and/or cellular communication you can eliminate the need for your landline.  Contact a representative for more details. 
Can you keep us informed of new products or upgrades?
We can and we will.  We’ll be sending more regular updates to keep in better touch with you.  Our emails will include updates on policies, useful security tips and information on new offerings.  If you prefer not to receive our emails you can opt-out any-time.

If you have questions that we didn’t answer here please contact us any time at 1- 866-GoDoyle or visit our blog for security and safety tips!

Want to add a question? Tell us and we'll look into into adding it!