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What Does ASAP to PSAP Stand For?

Automated Secure Alarm Protocol to Public Safety Answering Point


Ok, but What Does that Mean?

ASAP to PSAP allows the Doyle Security monitoring center to transmit alarm signals directly to the 911 center and to first responders electronically instead of verbally over the phone. On average, an alarm transmitted verbally takes between one to two minutes. With the new technology, we can electronically transmit the signal in five seconds, on average.


What are Other Benefits of ASAP to PSAP?

Other than saving a tremendous amount of time for both the Doyle Security operator and the 911 dispatcher, ASAP to PSAP also reduces human error. Because the alarms information is pulled and transmitted electronically directly from our database, the potential for mistakes is minimalzed. More than 10,000 alarm users in Monroe County will benefit from faster and more accurate emergency responses. 


What Organizations are Involved?

The implementation of our ASAP to PSAP program is in partnership with the Monroe County Emergency Communications Department and was created in partnership with The Monitoring Association and the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials. Currently, Doyle Security is the only alarm provider in New York State using the ASAP to PSAP technology.