Customer Support for Recent Power Outages

In the event of extended power outages, your security system will rely on its backup battery to power your system. If you are currently or have recently experienced a power outage, please review the following FAQs:

 Is my alarm system still working?

Your alarm system may still be functioning.  The majority of our security systems are installed with a back-up battery so that your system can still communicate with us in the event of an outage.  However, security systems require a great deal of power.  Most batteries will only last for 2-12 hours.  If you've been without power for more than 12 straight hours, it's likely that your alarm system is not communicating.  We are making calls to all of you who are in this situation so you may have already heard from us.  If you are still running on battery power only, we will still receive and act upon high priority signals such as Fire, Burglary and Medical alarms.

How long will my backup battery last?

It depends on the power required from your specific device and the capacity of the battery installed but typically anywhere from 2-12 hours.

Will you notify us if we have a low battery?

Yes, we will let you know if we're receiving common signals such as low battery, failures to test, and high priority supervisory signals.  We are currently working through a sizeable backlog of notifications and are prioritizing true emergency signals such as fire, burglary, medical and flooding, but we are making an effort to notify everyone as quickly as possible.  If you know you are without power and would like to notify us of that, you can fill out the form on this page to let us know to disregard these trouble signals for 48 hours.

What happens when power restores?

When the power gets turned back on your system should automatically restore to its previous state.  If it was armed before the power failure it should return to the armed state.  Your system will function as normal, but you may still see a low battery message on your keypad.  This is normal.  If you have a rechargeable battery it will start to charge back up.  The battery may take about 24 hours to fully charge up.  Your system will continue to function without your battery.  If your low battery message does not restore within 24 hours, you likely have a permantently dead battery.

What happens if my battery is permanently dead?

If your battery dies and is not rechargeable, we advise that you replace the battery as soon as it's convenient for you.  Most people can easily change the battery themselves.  The video below explains how to change a battery for any hard-wired system such as a Honeywell Vista 20p.  You can buy a battery on your own or you can order it from Doyle.  If you would like to purchase a battery, you can do so with the form below or you can pick up a battery at any of our branch locations.  Please note that your keypad may intermittently beep to notify of you the battery status.  This beeping will resolve once the battery is replaced.  If you need to temporarily silence the beeping before you're able to change the battery please call us at 866-463-6953.  The Rochester Branch is open 24x7 and other branches are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  

What should I do with my old battery?

If you're picking up a new battery at a branch you can leave your old battery at our office for recycling.  If you're having a battery shipped to you, we recommend that you bring your old battery to the nearest battery recycling center when it's most convenient for you.

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